Home Screen

The home screen of the app includes:

  • A filter on the top to see tailored search results based on Location & Topic
  • Search button to search for a user
  • My Profile button
  • Banners section
  • Featured Posts
  • News feeds of posts based on search results from the filter (if applied)

Home Screen with Filter & Alerts

The home screen has the option of filters and alerts:

  • The filter help users to see tailored search results based on a location and topic
  • Users can set an alerts for their favourite search results

Posting in the App

User can post in the app after fulfilling the mandatory criteria which is:

  • Text in ‘What are we sharing today’ section
  • Location
  • Topic
  • Confirming the post is not a duplicate

The user can choose to post as anonymous.
Users can also post an exisiting photo or video from library, take one from their camera to attached and create a poll.

Migrants Life

The Migrants Life section of the app showcases the life stories of Migrants and option to make a submission for the next event.


The events section helps you be across the local events in your community and can be tailored based on:

  • Location
  • Event Type
  • Language
  • Calendar
  • Includes an option to search by text


Users can message each other within the app.


The support section of the app includes:

  • News section
  • Promotions
  • Study
  • Travel & Immigration
  • Work
  • Housing
  • General
  • Talk to The Indian Mate


The notifications tab alerts you on interactions and updates on your saved alerts.

My Profile

My profile of the section showcases:

  • Profile Image
  • Name
  • Username
  • Verified tick (if mobile is verified)
  • Location
  • Member Since
  • Website
  • About the user
  • Why the user has joined the platform
  • Featured Image


The settings section includes:

  • Sponsors that support the platform
  • Option to invite friends
  • My Account – to help edit profile
  • Bookmarks
  • Podcast Request form
  • Notifications
  • Blocked Users
  • Form to submit Feedback | Media | Sponsorship request
  • App Tutorials
  • The Indian Mate Books
  • About After the WHY
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Delete Account
  • Logout