Divesh's Journey

Divesh is an entrepreneur who loves solving problems. He was born in India and migrated to Australia at the young age of 21. His family background was one of extreme hardship and financial difficulties.

During his childhood years, he realised someone from his family had to make sacrifices to uplift their socioeconomic situation. Being the elder child, he thought he was best placed to do so. So, he decided to leave behind everything and almost everyone he had known in India and come with almost nothing to this amazing country – Australia – to realise his dream for himself and his family. He has since worked his way up to lead tech teams and deliver innovative solutions to diverse industries across the globe.

Divesh hopes to motivate the underdogs and dark horses of the world by sharing his story and the challenges he encountered while undertaking his journey across continents. In order to achieve this, he realised that The Indian Mate would need to embrace much more than just the individual successes of Divesh and others like him.

A young man with a dream

Divesh was driven with the sole purpose of ensuring a better life for himself and his family. That dream laid the foundation for him to work tirelessly to make himself and the world around him a better place. It also gave him his current goal: to help the next underdog to get a head start in his or her life by sharing his own experiences and learnings.

Divesh is a strategic thinker and innovator who advises start-ups from the ground up and helps organisations grow and become more efficient in using technology. He is an unstoppable product and technology solutions architect who works as a consultant for a living. His empathetic ability is his biggest strength and enables him to think like his customers and build long-term relationships.

What it's like to be an immigrant

The Partition of India in 1947, was the biggest migration in human history, the stories of which were an ingrained part of his childhood: the stories of human endurance and triumph amongst the heart-wrenching tragedies and troubles arising from the biggest migration in human history. Having witnessed both nations – India and Pakistan – still recovering from it, he decided to expand his horizon and wrote the first volume of The Indian Mate chronicling the time of Independence and the Partition of India and how families like his navigated this period along with his own experience of growing up in a middle-class family in modern India.

In the second volume, he speaks about the journey that most students like him go through in Australia and the dilemmas they face as an immigrant while dealing with the feeling that they don’t really belong anywhere. He also shares some interesting snippets from his new life, such as what it’s like to convince your Indian parents to drop the idea of an arranged marriage and to let him marry an Australian girl they have never met.

The joy of implementing solutions that make a difference

Divesh lives his life by creating and implementing solutions. His latest and upcoming ventures are After the WHY, Seeking Guru, Avatar Media and Find a Legend.

In his free time, Divesh enjoys teaching his son Hari; convincing his daughter Aishwarya that it’s okay to also share some cuddles with daddy; being a good son, brother, and husband most of the time; exploring and working on new ideas and learning new skills that challenge him.

Divesh lives every day by the quote, ‘The hardest battles are given to the bravest soldiers’. His favourite poem is ‘Jind Meriye Mitti Diye Dheriye’, the essence of which is that we will not remain here forever, and even the next breath is not guaranteed. Therefore, our emphasis should be on living a life with a purpose that’s bigger than us.