The Indian Mate Volume 2


The Indian Mate: Volume 2 uncovers a unique Australian experience through the eyes of an NRI (Non-Resident Indian) who later became an Australian citizen.

With crushing expectations, $1000 and a bag full of dreams (his own and his family’s), Divesh sets foot in Australia. Despite feelings of homesickness and isolation, he is determined to complete his Masters in IT. As he gets stuck into his studies, he is taken aback by how different the Aussie culture is.

Needing to integrate himself, Divesh had to learn the customs of the country – how to walk, talk, think and act like an Aussie. It was all very new to him, yet he embraced the journey – to learn and share along the way.

Between his part-time jobs and studies, Divesh had very few emotional ties. He was wholly consumed by his work and initial goal of saving around $150,000 that would allow his family to join him in Australia. So, it was wholly unexpected when one day on the V/Line train, he met an Australian woman, who became his strength as he navigated through the cultural and personal struggles.

Divesh did his best to balance the difficulties of being a foreigner with the exciting opportunities of finding success and happiness in Australia and his Indian heritage. While navigating through two different worlds, he felt he was not Australian enough in Australia, and not Indian enough when visiting India. Yet, this dual identity allowed him to overcome the insurmountable challenges he faced and build the life he once dreamed of.

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