The Indian Mate Poem
Forged from two different nations

A conflict no one wanted
Hurt that never seemed to end
A country torn in two
Wounds that festered and did not mend

Forced to abandon their land and home
Families and lives ripped apart
All suffered, even those who survived
With shattered souls and broken hearts

Divide and rule was enacted
To survive meant to leave
The biggest human forced migration
Underdogs rising till they can breathe

The world gave up on them
Expecting nothing more
But their only purpose
Was to change it all

Time passed but dreams did not
Unwilling to play rich and poor
Some started an unknown journey
Searching for a new shore

Climbing the mountain
To lay the path and answer the call
Seeing only their purpose
They suffered through it all

With lives in two places now
But neither feeling true
They became foreigners
In their old land and the new

Their own thought they had forgotten them
But they reunited generations
A hybrid breed arose
Forged from two different nations

The world is confused
Questioning in which land they belong
It doesn’t realise
They now belong to both